Andrew founded the Savvy Money Show, a financial radio show in 2007, providing financial and mortgage lending information to his listeners. In 2013, as the founding tax software editor of, Andrew landed his first big break in the TV news business when Fox Business Network invited him to be a guest live on prime-time evening news on The Willis Report Show. Since then, he has had dozens of interviews on ABC, CBS, NBC, CBS This Morning, Fox Business Network, WGN Chicago’s Own Morning Show, One America News, including covering President Trump during the 2016 Campaign, and various nationally syndicated radio shows, including The Opening Bell.

Andrew has been interviewed by The Suit Magazine for a cover story on a Trump Presidency, and his tax and finance advice has been published in TIME, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, TheStreet, and American Express Open Forum, among others. Currently, he is a contributor on two NBC shows, Atlanta & Co, a lifestyle show, and Biz Atlanta.

He offers valuable financial information to his clients, his viewers and colleagues in the news media industry. Andrew is a firm believer in sharing financial information that has made him a successful entrepreneur.