Are you one of millions of
Americans living paycheck
to paycheck
in debt, always stressed, and feel like you’re drowning?
Let’s work together to change your life.
Every Time You Make Bad Financial Decisions whether it’s spending money you don’t have, buying things you
don’t need, or trying to keep up with the status quo, you’re
lighting your money on fire. It’s time to stop burning your money.
The government, banks, insurance companies,
and big corporations’ profit from your
poor choices and bad spending habits.
They want your pockets to be empty, but
now it’s time to take
control and change your life.
Do you feel like your financial situation is one of
spending too much, not saving enough, and
trapped with no way out? Well my friends.…
nothing changes unless you do. It’s time
to change your bad habits, so you can
achieve financial freedom.



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Andrew G. Poulos

Founder & Host

I was born in 1972 to Greek immigrant parents in Atlanta, Ga. Growing up as a young kid with English being my second language, I always had to work harder than other kids to get an education. At age 8, living in Brooklyn, N.Y., I helped the postal carrier deliver mail to the neighborhood for 50 cents a day. At age 15, before I could drive, I started a candy business at my high school, earning as much as $25 per day selling blow pops. After graduating from Georgia State University in 1994 and receiving dozens of rejections from prospective employers, I embarked on my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. As a young 22-year-old with no money, I borrowed my mother’s credit card to buy office equipment and software, and launched my accounting business from the basement of my family home, founding what is known today as Poulos Accounting & Consulting, Inc.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Real Estate from Georgia State University, a place I am still very much involved in. In addition to being featured in the inaugural alumni newsletter, I have served as a mentor for the Georgia State University Robinson College of Business Honors Program and as a Board of Director for Georgia State University School of Accountancy.

Andrew Poulos has appeared on a number of national, regional and local news segments, providing advice to viewers on topics ranging from financial wellness to tax tips. Take a look at a sampling of his recent appearances.

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Andrew founded the Savvy Money Show, a financial radio show in 2007, providing financial and mortgage lending information to his listeners. In 2013, as the founding tax software editor of, Andrew landed his first big break in the TV news business when Fox Business Network invited him to be a guest live on prime-time evening news on The Willis Report Show. Since then, he has had dozens of interviews on ABC, CBS, NBC, CBS This Morning, Fox Business Network, WGN Chicago’s Own Morning Show, One America News, including covering President Trump during the 2016 Campaign, and various nationally syndicated radio shows, including The Opening Bell.

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