FSN - Episode 1
2020 New Year’s Resolutions! FSN Host, Andrew G Poulos, Henton Jones Media CEO, Kaliah Henton-Jones, and All Things in Order CEO, Angelina Manolakis share their New Year’s Resolutions to save more money, travel on a budget, find your purpose, live stress free, and much more.
FSN - Episode 2
Learn How to Turn Your Clutter into Cash! All Things in Order CEO, Angelina Manolakis shares her expert tips as a Professional Organizer how to turn your home clutter into cash and reduce your stress.
FSN - Episode 3
Do You Know Your Partners Love Language? WSB Radio Personality & Lifestyle Expert, Monica Matthews Shares Her Love Tips for Valentine’s.
FSN - Episode 4
Learn How to Invest in Yourself! Kaliah Henton-Jones, CEO of Henton Jones Media discusses how to invest in yourself. Kaliah, a former television news producer shares her story about being at work and realizing that her purpose in life was something greater than being a TV news producer. She shares her inspiring story about becoming an entrepreneur.
FSN - Episode 5
The real estate industry and housing market is doing very well to start out 2020. Are you a home buyer or seller this year? Is this the right time for you to consider purchasing your first home, or an investment property? Quinn Green, Century 21 Associate Broker, discuss valuable tips home buyers should consider before buying a home.
FSN - Episode 6
Tax season is the time of the year that everyone has a common interest. Nobody looks forward to filing and paying taxes, but it’s inevitable that we all must deal with filing a tax return. Financial Smarts Network host, Andrew G Poulos and Chris Piccurrio, CPA, discuss tax tips and offer expert insight on lowering your tax liability and making your filing season painless.
FSN - Episode 7
Small business owners work extremely hard to be successful and paying the least amount of taxes should be on the top of the list for every entrepreneur and self-employed individual.

Whether you are a small business owner, freelancer, gig worker, or entrepreneur, this episode provides valuable tax tips and planning advice. FSN host, Andrew G Poulos & CPA, Chris Picciurro share their expert insight on everything that impacts small business owners.

Andrew and Chris discuss how President Trump’s tax reform plan has impacted small businesses, and how to use the new tax reform legislation to your advantage to lower your tax liability and keep more money in your pocket.

FSN - Episode 8
We are experiencing the biggest health and financial crisis in modern history in the peak of tax season. Financial Smarts Network host, Andrew G. Poulos discusses with Eric Erickson of the Internal Revenue Service how to understand the threats during tax season. Andrew and Eric discuss how to protect your identity and finances during this economic crisis. Find out the threats and learn how to protect yourself as we battle the corona virus crisis.